Sunday 15 January 12 19:20
Went to a hockey game last night with Hails, lots of people were supposed to come I guess. Lots of people were invited and were all "Yeah I'll be there, wohooo". Lmfao, liars. Hailey and I ended up going alone. Before we went there he was saying how he just wanted to be "besties" because everything was too stressful at the moment. Well I've been like this for 3 months, all stressed out, but whatever. I didn't make it a big deal. Then he went back to saying he wants me again. I was getting confused. I thought he'd be there so I dressed better and put extra mascara on. Basically I wanted him to see me and be like, "shit, I'm an idiot." But LOL he didn't show, so whatever. He's just too confusing. He's putting all this on me, basically saying it's all my fault for getting him stressed. He's blaming me for being confusing and not picking soon enough, which adds more pressure onto me. Then he goes and tells me if I don't choose soon, we'll just be friends. So, threatening me basically...? He's pissing me off. He obviously doesn't care enough about me or "us" to wait a little longer. Zach's been waiting patiently for 3 months... That says more about him than Liam. I actually wish this was easier. Or I was more like Liam, and could pick who I wanted in seconds. 
Favourite song at the moment<3

Usual shit went down last night with Liam. He was telling Brianna how he liked her again, wanted her back and missed her... but he was telling me the exact same stuff too... So we both called him on it. I asked why he was doing all this and he just said he needed to "choose". I was afraid to find out the answer, because I knew it would be Brianna. I was going to leave until he actually begged me to stay because he was going to figure out who he wanted for sure. So we just continued talking about it. Then I got a message from him saying "I choose you." My world went down from there. He just chose me over two other girls he liked a lot. He wants me so much and wants to be with me and actually misses me, or so he told me. I couldn't believe it. He chose me. And now, I have to make an even harder decision now because he's begging me each day to pick him. This is getting pathetic, everything is. It's getting to me. I'm going to hurt someone and I don't want to. At first, I thought I wouldn't hurt Liam one bit, but then the things he told me last night, I know I'll end up hurting him if I pick Zach. I was for sure ready to tell Liam to fuck off and ditch him and go for Zach, but then he told me I was the one. 
I'm not ready for this. I don't want to choose anymore. 
Yes, Sara, she has a piczo now :') So proud. Anyways, here's her blog ;

MMMMMMM kso, I got a new phone, so happy :) Omg. Maybe I can get piczo as an app? Omg. :) Mhm, nevermind, no results found. So today was alright, every thing is getting semi better.. still stressful with everyone talking to me about it and telling me what to do. Especially now that Liam's really keen on getting me to be his now... And he thinks lying to me is a good thing...? I wasn't even supposed to tell Liam I know, but he told Kaitlin last night that he still liked her and he misses their relationship... So I asked him about it, saying people were talking, he completely told me it's not true, acted mad, then went onto being sweet and like nothing has just happened. Last night he was telling me how he wanted only wanted to date when he knows he's gonna get action. And that kind of pathetic bullshit every horny guy starts to say. :\| Now, he's trying to convince me he's better for me than Zach. Omg. It's getting me more confused each day. F.M.L 
Thursday 12 January 12 00:58
Phone broke, yay. But on the bright side I might get a new and upgraded one, like a black berry or an iPhone. Scooooore. Down side, that'll be in a few weeks. Probably two. Anyways, One Tree Hill premieres tonight, last season ever. Fuckmylife. :(School, today. Nothing interesting happened today except adding more stress to all this shit. Also after lunch I was at my locker and then Liam casually walks by throws his headphones by my feet. He says, "Oh no, I dropped those! Can someone get it?" LOL, it was obvious that was to me because everyone was telling me to pick it up. Just so I could bend over and all those guys could look. Awesome, but I declined. So Liam picks it up. Bends down infront of me, head towards me, and then gets back up. Close enough to smell my vagina at least. It wasn't that bad, but it was funny. Then people were "oooohh"ing and etc. As soon after that happened, Braden looks at me, corners me, and looks me in the eye and orders me not to go for Liam. He could tell I didn't hate it.... Lol. It's so stressful, everyone telling me what to do. But I had nothing else to do but laugh. Yeah, so that's the only thing rememberable that happened today...