only miss you when I'm breathing.

Thursday 16 February 12 21:38
I hate school. That's all I have to say. Science is boring and goes by too slow because I'm excited for English. English is my favourite, but it goes by so quickly. Lunch is always too fast. Never enough time for a good conversation. I dread going to Geography and want to murder it's existence. French is fun and that goes by fairly fast too. Zach's being a moody one lately. He's not talking to me at all, and lol, if we are talking, it's a stupid conversation which I wish could change. But whatever, I guess this is how it's going to be from now on. 
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  • LuckyMonster

    PARAMORE. ♥ :D

    Thursday 16 February 12 22:14
  • lovelaughpeace

    :/, hate it when you wish you could change things:)

    Thursday 16 February 12 23:29
  • raspberrysoda

    I love English too :) And thankgod I only take physics, in year 9 I was so bad at chemistry and biology and I always hated it.
    Hopefully things will change :)
    Love the photos by the way!

    Friday 17 February 12 10:30
  • xXJazzyWazzyxX

    Awesome Blog

    I LOVE your blog! There's no fakeness in it:)

    Sunday 19 February 12 23:21
  • heysexyladay

    lovelaughpeace- I know:):\|
    raspberrysoda- Loool, I hate science and all that:\| thanks!
    xxjazzywazzyxx- thaanks:D!

    Monday 20 February 12 22:55
  • letsallbehappy

    so right .

    Tuesday 28 February 12 12:26

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